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Onavo Protect for Android


How does Onavo Protect for Android work?

Protect for Android uses a free, fast and secure VPN to protect and encrypt your personal information on all connections. By monitoring your data, Protect helps you manage your mobile data usage and limit apps that use lots of data. When an app uses large amounts of data, you'll get notified and can choose to take several actions: limit the app to Wi-Fi, block the app from using background data or set an alert when the app reaches certain amounts of data.

I just installed a VPN but I still get asked to turn on protection

Onavo Protect uses two different VPN types - one to manage data usage and the other to protect your connection. This allows you to turn VPN Protection off while still managing the way your apps use mobile data. To enjoy VPN Protection, be sure to install your VPN and turn Protection on.

Do I have to enter my data plan info?

No, but entering your data plan will help you get the most out of the app. You'll get customized notifications and alerts according to your data usage and availibility.

Does Onavo Protect for Android monitor all types of data usage including Wi-Fi?

Yes, Onavo Protect monitors all types of data usage including background, foreground, and Wi-Fi usage. Please note that your operator's data usage accounting may differ from ours.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network used to encrypt data sent on the internet. It is often used to secure personal information on potentially unsecured internet connections.

How can I make sure an app doesn't use data in the background?

Some apps use your mobile data even when closed, to send and recieve updates. To prevent apps from using data in the background, open Protect and go to My Data Usage. Locate the relevant app in the list of apps, select “Limit Background Data” and tap the checkmark on the upper right corner of the screen. The app will be blocked from using background data but will still connect to the internet in the background on Wi-Fi networks. To see which apps have been blocked, or to unblock apps, go to the Activity Center.

Will I be notified in case there's suspicious behavior on my phone?

Yes. Onavo Protect constantly monitors the data usage on your phone and will let you know if any suspicious behavior requires your attention. For example, if an app uses too much data, or your internet connections is not secure, Onavo Protect will alert you and recommend what action to take.

Can I turn off the notifications?

Yes. To turn off notifications open the Settings menu in the top-left corner of the screen. Under Allow Notifications, you can choose which types of notifications you'd like to turn off.

Why do I see the VPN icon in the status bar even though I turned protection off?

Onavo Protect uses two different VPN types - one to manage data usage and the other to protect your connection. This allows you to turn VPN Protection off while still managing the way your apps use mobile data. The VPN icon in the status bar refers to Protect's data management abilities. To remove the VPN icon from the status bar, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap on “VPN is activated by Protect” and then tap on “Disconnect”. Note that when removing the VPN, you won't be able to use Protect to block or limit apps using lots of data, or to protect your personal information.

Onavo Protect for iPhone/iPad


How does onavo Protect work?

Onavo Protect alerts you of online threats when browsing the web using your iPhone or iPad. To function properly, you need to successfully install a profile during the first launch of the app, which in turns sets up a VPN on the device. Once installed, you will get real-time alerts of suspected threats and the app will record the event with additional details. When you launch the app, you will see their timeline with all past events logged. Events may include submitting sensitive information (passwords, SSN, credit card information, etc.) over unsecured forms, phishing pages or other potentially malicious websites.

Does Onavo Protect work on apps too?

No. Onavo Protect alerts of online threats when browsing the web using mobile Safari or any other mobile browser. Apps work in a different environment than web browsing. At this point Onavo Protect does not handle app data security.

What is a VPN profile?

A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is an encryption protocol for Internet data transmissions. It is mainly used to secure data links between safeguarded servers and end-points (such as mobile devices, laptops, etc.) residing in a potentially unsecured environment. iPhone and iPad come with VPN software pre-loaded which is used by Onavo Protect. When you first launch Onavo Protect you’ll be requested to install a “VPN Profile”. This profile is used to configure the iPhone or iPad internal VPN to work with Onavo’s Data Protection cloud service. Please follow the instructions to ensure your profile is installed correctly.

Why does the VPN icon appear on my status bar?

Onavo Protect uses an industry-standard VPN in order to add a security and encryption layer on top of all your data communications. The Onavo VPN is also responsible for detecting potentially harmful sites and block and/or alert you of them before they reach your moibile device.

How can I temporarily pause Onavo Protect?

To pause Onavo Protect services, open Protect and go to Settings > VPN Profile. Tap on the Protection toggle to turn protection off. For older versions of Onavo Protect, you can pause protection in the Settings app. Go to Settings > General VPN, and tap on the ( i ) icon next to Onavo. Turn Connect On Demand off and tap Save. Onavo Protect will stay paused until you go back to your Connect On Demand page and turn it back on.

Does Onavo Protect work even when the app is closed?

Yes. As long as the Onavo profile is installed, Protect will automatically kick in when you open your browser. To verify the status of your profile, open the app - the top bar should say “Protection is ON”.

How does Protect identify malicious sites?

Onavo Protect uses a combination of multiple heuristics to identify, warn and in some cases block potentially harmful sites. In addition, some sites are not identified as harmful but may have unsecure elements which may be used by a potential attacker to obtain personal or sensitive information.

What is phishing?

Phishing is when malicious parties fraudulently clone a popular and trusted website. The purpose is to lure you into providing your personal information in order to steal your identity, money or other sensitive data.

What are unsecured websites?

Unsecured websites contain sensitive information without using data encryption, and may allow other people to access your personal information. Your identity, credentials or other sensitive data may be compromised.

What is an unsecured form?

Onavo Protect can identify forms you submit which may send your personal or sensitive information (such as passwords, SSN, bank account details, etc.) over non-secure connections. In such cases, there is a possibility that an attacker may be able to eavesdrop and obtain that information without your knowledge. Onavo Protect alerts you when such forms are found, either before or after you submit the information. In addition, the VPN encryption layer helps to prevent most of the potential eavesdropping method.

I received an alert for a website, but I’m sure it is safe!

Onavo Protect uses a combination of multiple heuristics to identify and block potentially harmful sites. Our algorithms constantly evolve and occasionally we may identify safe websites as potentially harmful. If a site you know is safe was blocked by Onavo Protect, you can click on “Continue Anyways” to continue browsing.

How do i uninstall Onavo Protect?

For most versions of Onavo Protect, you can simply uninstall the app by long-tapping the icon and clicking on the X in the corner. For older versions of Onavo Protect, you will need to manually uninstall the VPN profile in the Settings app. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management (or “Profiles”), tap the Onavo profile and select Delete Profile.
We would like to hear why you decided to uninstall Onavo Protect - please email us at

Onavo Count for Android


How Does Onavo Count work?

Onavo Count monitors and analyzes all types of mobile data and phone use. This includes background, foreground, and Wi-Fi use. To keep your battery from being drained, Onavo Count transfers and analyzes all of your mobile data use in the cloud.

Do I have to enter my data plan info?

While you do not have to enter your billing cycle or data usage cap, it is recommended for most effective app usage.

Does Onavo Count for Android monitor all types of data usage including Wi-Fi?

Yes, it does monitor all types of data and usage including background, foreground, and WiFi usage. Please note that your operator's data usage accounting may differ from ours.

The data usage in the widget doesn't match the data usage I'm seeing in the app itself. Why is that?

The data usage presented in the widgets is a mirror image of the data monitored by the app itself, but there might be a short delay until the widget is updated with the most recent data. If you are still experiencing discrepancies, please contact our support team via the app settings screen.

Onavo Extend for iPhone/iPad


How does Onavo Extend work?

Onavo Extend's installation process consists of two steps:

  • Download Onavo Extend from the App Store, just like any other app
  • Install the Onavo Extend profile on your device.
Onavo Extend installs a configuration profile (which includes your operator’s APN settings) on your device so that data you receive from the Internet is compressed in our cloud-based compression service, located in datacenters operated by Amazon Web Services. The compressed data is then sent to your mobile device so that you get a leaner, faster and more efficient version of the web.
Onavo Extend also gives you insight into your data usage so you can see exactly how much of your data plan is being consumed by each app you are running.

Is Onavo Extend compressing data from the moment I download or do I need to 'start' something?

Once you complete the installation process described above, Onavo Extend is active and your downloaded traffic is streamed through Onavo Extend's compression servers. The service remains active even if you "kill" the app itself. You can control compression and reporting via the app's Settings page.

I think Onavo Extend or my VPN isn't working properly

If you notice you're VPN stopped working or experienced connectivity issues on your phone, open Onavo Extend and go to Settings > VPN Profile > Repair VPN Profile. Tap on Repair VPN Profile to reinstall the Onavo Extend VPN Profile.

Does Onavo Extend shrink data I send, receive or both?

Currently Onavo Extend compresses data that is received (downloaded) by your mobile device and does not shrink data you send, such as photos or videos you upload. Please note that your operator's data usage accounting may differ from ours.

Why do some images appear pixelated?

One of the many shrinking methods Onavo Extend uses is to reduce the quality of images which frequently take up a lot of data. You can choose your own balance between quality and savings in the app's Settings screen.

Does Onavo Extend shrink encrypted (HTTPS) data?

No. Encrypted data, such as login information to a social network or your online banking session, is not accessed by our service.

Does Onavo Extend shrink data usage on personal hotspot or tethering?

No, currently Onavo Extend shrinks only data from apps on the device itself.

Does Onavo Extend shrink voice calls, VoIP, or WiFi data?

No, Onavo Extend only works on downloaded HTTP traffic over cellular networks at this stage and does not shrink or affect your voice calls, VoIP services such as Skype/Viber or WiFi data.

How do I uninstall Onavo Extend?

In the event you decide to uninstall Onavo from your iPhone or iPad, simply follow these steps in order to remove the app and profile:

  1. Go to your Settings app -> General -> Profiles
  2. Locate the profile called "Onavo"
  3. Tap Remove
  4. Go back to your home screen and delete the Onavo Extend icon
We would like to hear why you decided to uninstall Onavo Extend - please email us at